Commit 7bb9033c authored by Simon Barner's avatar Simon Barner
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Re-Add JavaFX libraries for Mac

Issue-Ref: 3867

Signed-off-by: Simon Barner's avatarSimon Barner <>
parent b2a40c01
......@@ -196,6 +196,7 @@
<setEntry value="org.openjfx.base@default:default"/>
<setEntry value="org.openjfx.controls@default:default"/>
<setEntry value="org.openjfx.fxml@default:default"/>
<setEntry value=""/>
<setEntry value="org.openjfx.swt@default:default"/>
<setEntry value="org.sat4j.core@default:default"/>
<setEntry value="org.sat4j.pb@default:default"/>
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