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Be more precise on platform support

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with AutoFOCUS3, OpenModelica and Overture
<b>Note:</b> The following example has been tested on <b>Windows</b> only. We are aware of a bug preventing the simulation of Overture FMUs with OpenModelica on Linux. macOS is not supported as of now.
<li>The following example works as described <b>on Windows only</b>.</li>
<li>Linux: A manual workaround is required as of now. Please contact us if you
would like to try the example on this platform.</li>
<li>macOS is not supported as of now.</li>
The example at hand illustrates the co-simulation capabilities of AutoFOCUS 3 and shows how this feature can be leveraged for tool-interoperability.
The example at hand illustrates the <a href="ModandSim/cosimulation_with_af3.html">co-simulation capabilities of AutoFOCUS 3</a> and shows how this feature can be leveraged for tool-interoperability.
To highlight the potential of the Functional Mock-up Interface (FMI) standard, we consider a controlled inverted pendulum.
On the one hand, both the pendulum's dynamics and the PID controller are modeled using OpenModelica - a tool dedicated to the development of continuous systems.
The input and environment models, on the other hand, have been developed in AutoFOCUS 3 and Overture respectively - both representing models with a discrete notion of time.
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