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Documentation stub for partition architecture

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<title>Defining a Partition Architecture</title>
<h2><u><font color="#336699">Defining a Partition Architecture</font></u></h2>
<p>The partition architecture abstracts the services provided by hypervisors (segregation of software entities
by means of time-space partitioning). It provides the following modeling entities:
<li><i>Partition</i>: It groups multiple Tasks and associates them with a time budget or schedule scheme that is enforced by the hypervisor.</li>
<li><i>Memory Area</i>: Part of a physical memory unit that is associated to one or more partitions.
The hypervisor segregates a memory area from invalid accesses (e.g., from partitions not associated to it),
typically with hardware support (e.g., MMU, MPU).</li>
<b>Note</b>: A more detailed documentation of the <i>Partition Architecture</i> will be provided in a future
release of AutoFOCUS3. In the meantime, please refer to the <a href="task_architecture.html"><i>Task Architecture</i></a>
documentation since both architectures have a quite similar user interface.
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