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Help: Added FAQ entry for macOS

MacOS support is discontinued.

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Issue-Url: af3#4229

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<li> On MacOS
<li>You need to accept unknown developer certificates.</li>
<li>You need to move AutoFOCUS3 to your application folder.</li>
<li>If you get an error message on startup which says that AutoFOCUS3 is broken and cannot be started: open a terminal and use the following command:
<li>sudo xattr -rd /Applications/</li>
<li>As our software is a scientific prototype, our product is not signed which causes a problem due to the security restrictions of MacOS</li>
<li> AF3 does not start
<li> Check that the path to your AF3 (including the AF3 folder itself) does not contain spaces.</li>
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<h2>Is there a MacOS build?</h2>
<p> We discontinued support for MacOS since release version 2.21. If you are interested in using AF3 on MacOS, the <a href="">AF3 developer team</a> can provide you with older versions. You might also try to use a <a href="">developer installation</a> (be aware that not all features might work correctly).
<h2>Where can I report bugs or file feature requests?</h2>
<p> Please direct any kind of feedback to our users mailing list (<a href=""></a>). The AutoFOCUS3 teams is happy to support you.
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