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    Make interface of allocation service more compact · 6f7d22eb
    Simon Barner authored
    * Introduce addAllocationTableType() to group setSourceModelType() and
      setTargetModelType(). There is an additional override of the method
      set allows to specify if an allocation table type is "internal"
      (e.g., not shown in the model navigator)
    * addAllocationEntryType(): Add parameters to directly set target
      and source model entity.
      * Keep addSourceEntityType() and
        addTargetEntityType() in order to enable registration of additional
        entity types.
      * There is an additional override that allows to directly set the
        parent entry type (in favor of addParentAllocationEntryType()).
    Issue-Ref: 3556
    Issue-Url: https://af3-developer.fortiss.org/issues/3556
    Signed-off-by: Simon Barner's avatarSimon Barner <barner@fortiss.org>
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