Commit 03cf53c8 authored by Hernan Ponce de Leon's avatar Hernan Ponce de Leon
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Using a local variable for iterator.eContainer() resulted in an infinite loop

I revert the change that uses a local variable
parent ac8526d9 7e4e9de4fcac3790eb0664963dd2b403db1659d0 GREEN 8feabb8dc141d4e2c4d2f56526bffac06c6734ce GREEN a593a80e91148ba1324e5c84de0feeec60004a90 GREEN 80fcfc03ad4f9f383af463ad703a91211546dd79 YELLOW 186b2e27e184cac8149ac28a28343ecd76ddf157 GREEN 69bb291f7c5c9fb037fcc6b938793df2b1281b26 GREEN 2f3e136e37f56f3675121fa9c3515cc083f10d12 GREEN
......@@ -237,11 +237,10 @@ public class ComponentArchitectureUtils {
public static Component getEnclosingComponent(EObject element) {
EObject iterator = element;
EObject container = iterator.eContainer();
while(container != null && !(container instanceof Component)) {
iterator = container;
while(iterator.eContainer() != null && !(iterator.eContainer() instanceof Component)) {
iterator = iterator.eContainer();
return (Component)container;
return (Component)iterator.eContainer();
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