Commit 24cd472e authored by Florian Hölzl's avatar Florian Hölzl
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Components: JavaFX editor. Lowered priority of FX editor.

Issue-Ref: 3815

Signed-off-by: Florian Hölzl's avatarFlorian Hoelzl <>
parent 4bd36f0e d097c17a4ebc5bc2a87659544d3dd15f2afde254 YELLOW 3f78a7b48cb7b9a0b0b35fab58a4ad7f3233c18a YELLOW 230337d9526109ee2a9df599c370b0b3f2ec0b40 YELLOW 0adaa2e7ab2e3bc73bae21aec736842a5abeb9a1 YELLOW 6aa86b3c28b6a8a68844d251c961378d83df7710 YELLOW 0eed7ac8d4a6b961b220f0fb7ebaa517c6712112 YELLOW
......@@ -40,6 +40,6 @@ public final class ComponentStructureFXEditorBinding extends ModelEditorBindingB
/** {@inheritDoc} */
public int getPriority() {
return 100;
return -100;
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