Commit 3eb54ff8 authored by Simon Barner's avatar Simon Barner
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Issue-Ref: 4060

Signed-off-by: Simon Barner's avatarSimon Barner <>
parent aa0e6523 8a07f4ea6edc65be93396b71978f7b922f68a571 YELLOW 5a0d24cb7ab3acae886d99b222d447dafd0dc733 GREEN afdb681a5a039ac0512b7f8897815ca358bdc8e7 GREEN a2550b7cd0b6d31767db7fc316ecca687f0039bf GREEN c3e24dee4a2557dd88d9d8b3a899330d068bef6d GREEN
......@@ -23,7 +23,9 @@ import org.fortiss.tooling.common.ui.javafx.lwfxef.visual.IVisualFactory;
import org.fortiss.tooling.kernel.ui.extension.ModelEditorNotAvailableBinding;
* Editor binding for the JavaFX-based platform architecture editor.
* Editor binding for the JavaFX-based platform architecture editor. Since the RPi platform is not
* hierarchical, its purpose is merely to delegate to the respective controller, model, and visual
* factories.
* @author eisenmann
......@@ -33,7 +35,7 @@ public class PlatformRaspberryPiArchitectureFXEditorBinding
/** {@inheritDoc} */
public Class<? extends IEditorPart> getEditorClass() {
// has to be null otherwise editor is instantiated twice
// has to be null otherwise the platform architecture editor is instantiated twice
return null;
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