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......@@ -5,10 +5,9 @@ 6b05a00a1cf1160eab02b0c6be6d32b69275ce ec83f5b44e1b5d479dafe23ef089a95686cdd1cf GREEN 9277b9319bdc51a80b971bc853ba97c8270237b1 GREEN c56bd5b1abf17dabfe011c671a4da8a127543eb7 GREEN 8efc874be2289d6e15feefb52c6deafa009a186f RED df4541df64f9a13e7059752d6b278479019f6b02 GREEN 493fde8dc06ec851d6cff5f17817dbc3cf69d34c GREEN 1f5c83b06884b4383b1936dea31727cb41348f2b GREEN f41a2f37afd03658d7f31dad8312280f93160eb2 GREEN 437fccb6b26d26ea79d22a4d4741016e5ee880b6 GREEN 6fc05ea72506e4d8b1a957677e6888677f15d3af GREEN 7e0ee6b0ae826aa3f8658d8c28d2e381e31bc8de GREEN
......@@ -45,7 +45,7 @@ public class GoalJustificationConstraint extends SafetyConstraintGroup {
* This method determines if the given {@link Goal} is explained by a {@link Context}.
* This method determines if the given {@link Goal} is explained by an {@link ArgumentElement}.
* @param argEle
* The given argument element.
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