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Documentation of Defining a Schedule.
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<title>Defining a Schedule using AutoFOCUS3 (AF3)</title>
<h2><u><font color="#336699">Defining a Schedule for a given Deployment</font></u></h2>
AutoFOCUS supports schedule generation for a given deployment of component architectures to platform architectures. Note that this feature is still under development.
You can generate a schedule for a deployment to your model using the deployment context menu. The deployment is automatically linked to your project.
<img src="./pictures/Scheduling.1.png">
The first step of generating an (optimzed) schedule for the given deployment is providing information to the wizard page. The user needs to select the top-level component, that indicates
which part of the system should be scheduled. For instance, the user might have modeled the environment that doesn «t need to be scheduled. Thus, this wizards provides the capability to determine
the system to be scheduled (e.g. the "AdaptiveCruiseControl" as in the picture below).
The filter mechanism enables the selection of components below the selected component. "First-level components indicate that child components of the selected component are scheduled. Note, that all components need to be deploymed.
<img src="./pictures/Scheduling.2.png">
Based on the selection all tasks, w.r.t the component architecture, and their precedence relations are extracted and visualized in a given precedence graph.
<img src="./pictures/Scheduling.3.png">
Selecting the "Scheduling Editor" in the lower end of editor enables the scheduling functionality do be displayed. The user is enabled to choose, whether an optimized or a single solution is needed. Note that for larger system, the
timeout could be usefull as the solver might use a some time to find for solutions in the design space.
<img src="./pictures/Scheduling.4.png">
After calculation of possible solutions (by choosing the "optimal solution"), all results are displayed in the result section. A visualization of the schedule is given in the "Scheduling View".
<img src="./pictures/Scheduling.5.png">
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