Commit 50d3fdf8 authored by Marco Volpe's avatar Marco Volpe

exploration.testgenerator.*: GREEN

* Only fixed a few comments

Issue-Ref: 4008
Issue-Url: Marco Volpe's avatarMarco Volpe <>
parent ffab4b20 4f1539b6997b7a71d744ef750aa2f102097f211d GREEN 583c4679996e0c8c277c23da4f5285dea849b650 YELLOW 583c4679996e0c8c277c23da4f5285dea849b650 GREEN 599f568c7e7da8555399ae7ee4eb922cb490effd YELLOW e771498a4bd7fe56219a3af74c40c190d02959ae YELLOW d81af0b7f649d2453aada362fc50572fce31ebc8 YELLOW 4a95559f571d41fa44e6236fc055ab5baac7c384 YELLOW 40213f344dec1f62a0bb965739cb967f367803d4 YELLOW 99a398d4ff9b15b3eeb35748e32aa34a9b197f07 YELLOW 08b285a67bf86c2b92bb0eab3d50551ba23dc410 YELLOW 5d4b2cbae16526bd99fedf38a10866d3b2eadde5 YELLOW 599f568c7e7da8555399ae7ee4eb922cb490effd GREEN e771498a4bd7fe56219a3af74c40c190d02959ae GREEN d81af0b7f649d2453aada362fc50572fce31ebc8 GREEN 4a95559f571d41fa44e6236fc055ab5baac7c384 GREEN e637fd6a38339c60a6a7ac5af116db304266d345 GREEN 99a398d4ff9b15b3eeb35748e32aa34a9b197f07 GREEN 4d59affe2bab3113f48d1a827ad0bc9599b3439e GREEN 5d4b2cbae16526bd99fedf38a10866d3b2eadde5 GREEN
......@@ -28,7 +28,7 @@ import;
public class GraphGenerationUtilities {
/** Basis to calculate the likeness of iteratively connecting two vertices. */
/** Basis to calculate the likeliness of iteratively connecting two vertices. */
private static final int CONNECTION_LIKELINESS_BASE = 2;
/** Hiding Constructor. */
......@@ -76,8 +76,7 @@ public class GraphUtils {
* @param componentArchitecture
* Logical architecture to calculate the representation of
* @return An instance of the {@link ArchitectureGraph} class with the structure of
* the given logical
* architecture
* the given logical architecture
public static ArchitectureGraph<Component>
getGraph(ComponentArchitecture componentArchitecture) {
......@@ -147,7 +146,7 @@ public class GraphUtils {
for(Set<Component> strongCycle : connAlg.stronglyConnectedSets()) {
// Select that component of the strongly connected cycle that is most promising to break
// cycles. It is the component occuring in most other cycles.
// cycles. It is the component occurring in most other cycles.
Component strongComp =;
for(Component comp : strongCycle) {
if(cycleOccurrenceMap.get(comp) > cycleOccurrenceMap.get(strongComp)) {
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