Commit 5a3340c0 authored by Vivek Nigam's avatar Vivek Nigam
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Adding missing UI for the NoVAL constraint.

refs 3224
parent d8aa3b97 19c711960752940f0660f0f553f147a69b70f34f YELLOW 7526410215ffe073f761323502e55ebdf48c6051 RED 7526410215ffe073f761323502e55ebdf48c6051 RED 214d7db2e9e9527b2101c46e205f7ba0a6e78410 GREEN 214d7db2e9e9527b2101c46e205f7ba0a6e78410 GREEN 485393b7d462d0159bcb8c641dfdfa7c57c67e5c RED 485393b7d462d0159bcb8c641dfdfa7c57c67e5c RED
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