Commit 5bf1d981 authored by Simon Barner's avatar Simon Barner
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Fix a warning.

parent ad61161c
......@@ -95,15 +95,11 @@ public class CounterExampleSimulator extends ExecutableComponent<IModelElementSp
* @return the list of subExecutables
* @throws ChainTransformationFailedException
// TODO(VA) Forbidden suppressWarning
protected static List<ExecutableComponent<?>> createSubExecutables(Component C)
throws ChainTransformationFailedException {
ExecutableComponent<?> execComp = getExecutableComponentFor(C);
// TODO(VA) Inline singletonList
List<?> singletonList = singletonList(execComp);
return (List<ExecutableComponent<?>>)((List<?>)singletonList(execComp));
return singletonList(execComp);
/** {@inheritDoc} */
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