Commit 60d48c6a authored by Vivek Nigam's avatar Vivek Nigam
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<mira> Guide Words

To yellow.

Issue-Ref: 3503

Signed-off-by: Vivek Nigam's avatarVivek Nigam <>
parent 16d14d5b
......@@ -6,7 +6,7 @@ c969b068ea1dfd77b7153dd8937dca2e4b5630b7 GREEN b63b7200096998268b777f6060076073cb018a89 GREEN 469e589d7911316da6a52b4cbd97a59fcc720a97 GREEN 88350a17b825bd6fdb94077f2b66f411e92c5b1f RED 0985139682ed38747b10ed0a9b39d936ce68a12e GREEN c20f8711616b9b758b267c573154fed64bea9c6d YELLOW 0e9f292c180ee06f6972a484e050252653df6178 GREEN 2ebdf8638208507461ccbbe38c85cd2351a9784f RED de35192e7db41efb465ee00fcffbcc390bfdd3da GREEN
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