Commit 65bdf8e2 authored by Marco Volpe's avatar Marco Volpe
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GREEN: schedule.ui

Issue-Ref: 3603

Signed-off-by: Marco Volpe's avatarMarco Volpe <>
parent 528241a6 b60cb00a8adab3ef6f2c6665963b0a864249c9d9 GREEN 10359ac5ca349b3d2b1d300e9a3e407b453a5aa4 YELLOW 10359ac5ca349b3d2b1d300e9a3e407b453a5aa4 GREEN 16bf24d634a12b14f330f2c0fdb0bc04301d7e78 GREEN 46b25862e4030500bf8bc94188995279075b710b YELLOW 46b25862e4030500bf8bc94188995279075b710b GREEN
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