Commit 68fed503 authored by Alexander Diewald's avatar Alexander Diewald

Merge branch '3993' of into 3993

Signed-off-by: default avatarAlexander Diewald <>
parents 5f4f4b4a 989fd814 24860c6f9f2652cee7f8b1d81f1fff1f199b0383 YELLOW acaeba2f544bf128b09bf0c9ea8a9815dcaaebef YELLOW 24860c6f9f2652cee7f8b1d81f1fff1f199b0383 GREEN acaeba2f544bf128b09bf0c9ea8a9815dcaaebef GREEN 273aa06af2c15073bbbdd6f1a8112190732eaa9b GREEN 9797de10e9c1fd6475bd1eda4d9a55746c17a219 GREEN 9e4c005c0793353ac1b6c6e138f1c1d6a65c393c YELLOW 9e4c005c0793353ac1b6c6e138f1c1d6a65c393c GREEN f05728d39167b85752ee577a73e265d2764693f8 GREEN 0ed0d5731be847edb8454acc27de691ac3ee28e9 GREEN 95b02d271335e46ce89f78c912f85236fc852988 GREEN c566595d083e756c20c919458d81e8a91ab0e10e YELLOW c566595d083e756c20c919458d81e8a91ab0e10e GREEN 14823ea1da085d019e21e50703f6f4e3fff8aa83 GREEN 465ab042df40cac46d5b17a1d469e865f89c6623 YELLOW cd17cec67769d1c62c9923869c43293036d103e4 YELLOW 87216991e47e14846f7affb49139a3dd2a71aba3 YELLOW cd17cec67769d1c62c9923869c43293036d103e4 GREEN 7bbc27436511ee9d88f8a31f0b19462406d01517 GREEN
......@@ -170,6 +170,10 @@ public class ImportProjectUtils {
// Determine the file location of the target file.
URI targetFileURI = determineTargetFileLocation(
if(targetFileURI == null) {
// Operation was cancelled --> No log message.
// Copy the file, its associated library, and external documents.
try {
...... 9c5ea77e1dd62f864d016321352ae90141634391 YELLOW 9c5ea77e1dd62f864d016321352ae90141634391 GREEN 77a6292ff791c55c1abcfc5533fb6544a6488fcb GREEN ddcd98cc9331a8e5f6f6977feb448de2d324a1fe YELLOW b441fa730986dbe6391c7ba2a0484caa51f7acb3 YELLOW ddcd98cc9331a8e5f6f6977feb448de2d324a1fe GREEN b441fa730986dbe6391c7ba2a0484caa51f7acb3 GREEN 6bc73dd1799cc561c37bea3f771c358854b5b75a YELLOW 3d5b601f3d65950cf63d979692608887abcb9eb7 YELLOW
......@@ -66,7 +66,7 @@ public class AF3ProjectImportHandler implements ICommandLineSwitchHandler {
/** Returns a collection of {@link File}s that match the given pattern. */
private static Collection<File> getFileList(String importRegExp) {
// If the given path is a directory, collect al AF3 projects in it
// If the given path is a directory, collect all AF3 projects in it
File potentialDirectory = new File(importRegExp);
if(potentialDirectory.isDirectory()) {
WildcardFileFilter suffixFilter = new WildcardFileFilter("." + AF3_PRJ_SUFFIX);
...... 4171a41060407cd4f19c99fcaf1ebfb9a390134a GREEN 70e81c85ae7c2d8076e190ebad7eae648451b645 YELLOW 70e81c85ae7c2d8076e190ebad7eae648451b645 GREEN 054c92406affa0c0ad8ac7a067de9608d0bbca2b GREEN a5a30a0e6b274d220c397d9bf0f14756d49bd19f GREEN 2963d3a1fe651025bae3ae4dc0b6e0b77bbaadd5 GREEN 6383d593c18155e325d1ad830451fe514ec1c9ae YELLOW 921c00a3217dd43fa37dc4497c252fbbeb9211ca GREEN 54f2397f0d6720c90948ccc295f1a63b7319daac GREEN 031591687c2461a990d0534cf4ed4d6df39b1551 GREEN
......@@ -228,7 +228,7 @@ public final class ProjectUtils {
* Creates a new General Project (like in the new-wizard "General->Project")
* and adds the project it to the workspace.
* and adds it to the workspace.
static public void ensureEclipseContainerProjectExists() {
// Project directory exists, do noting.
......@@ -292,7 +292,7 @@ public final class ProjectUtils {
* Creates a one-time listener that renames an inported project after it has been loaded by the
* Creates a one-time listener that renames an imported project after it has been loaded by the
* kernel.
private static IPersistencyServiceListener createRenamingListener(String originalName,
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