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......@@ -4,6 +4,6 @@ 9cbb27b1ac997015a642a652351c96ec726a35d5 RED 6e23c25d311b8f7decbc683943d0f38fb63f2bb6 RED fcddb7beb90eb693983babba30728d4600c15fc6 RED dec787bc76da370eb066356b9192bddd86aeb290 RED c7a344d8141974b01dbcd6f9b89f8c4a4af668db RED e0002fedbebe5fc5386d63b114ccb4e29afba26b YELLOW 61c57992fd21120a02cb39c47f1f47ba234873cd RED 1dd5542305402ee2f0e28fd25350265251ad801f RED
......@@ -26,9 +26,12 @@ import;
// TODO(AD): Should this class be moved to the util package?
* Utility class for transformation of models into smt expressions.
* This class is specifically intended for utility methods considering the transformation of the
* DSML into SMT. This is the reeason for not moving it to the plugins utility classes.
* All methods should not be changed unless the modifier is completely sure what he/she is doing!
* @author eder
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