Commit 6bc65c48 authored by Sabine Teufl's avatar Sabine Teufl
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windows bug fixed

refs 1407
parent cc02dcc4
......@@ -275,10 +275,8 @@ public class RequirementUtils {
throw new IllegalStateException("Cannot find acrobat reader.");
String acrobat = regresult.substring(indexstart + 6, indexend).trim();
format("%s /A \"page=%d\" \"%s\"", acrobat, page, file.getAbsoluteFile()))
.waitFor() != 0)
throw new IllegalStateException("Cannot launch acrobat reader.");
runtime.exec(format("%s /A \"page=%d\" \"%s\"", acrobat, page,
} else if(System.getProperty("").contains("OS X")) {
// @CodeFormatterOff
String applescript =
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