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<h1>Developer Documentation for<i>org.fortiss.af3.component</i></h1>
<h1>Developer Documentation for <i>org.fortiss.af3.component</i></h1>
<h2>Plugin description</h2>
<p>The plugin represents a component language with a set of behavior
......@@ -75,7 +75,7 @@ one port to another.</li>
<li><tt>LibraryComponentPackage</tt>: represents a package of library components.</li>
<li><tt>PropagatableSpecification</tt>: describes how data can be propagated from one port to another.</li>
<li><tt>VerifBehaviourComponentSpecification</tt>: interface implementing methods, which allow to get the specifications of a component and to verify its behavior.</li>
<li><tt>IReadOnlyBehaviorSpecification</tt>: TODO</li>
<li><tt>IReadOnlyBehaviorSpecification</tt>: interface implementing methods allowing to get the specifications of a component, which can only be read.</li>
The sub-package <i>annotation</i> contains:
......@@ -95,7 +95,7 @@ automaton. Valid types are int, double and boolean.</li>
from one state to another.</li>
<li><tt>common.Action</tt>: used in a state automaton to create an assignment expression inside
of a state, which means to create an action when this state is achieved.</li>
<li><tt>common.IDataStateVariableProvider</tt>: TODO</li>
<li><tt>common.IDataStateVariableProvider</tt>: returns the value of the <i>Data State Variables</i> containment reference list.</li>
<li><tt>code.CodeSpecification</tt>: a way to provide behavior to a component by means of writing a
c-like code directly in the body of a component.</li>
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