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Testing: Dev Documentation

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<H1>Developer Documentation for <I>org.fortiss.af3.testing.ui</I></H1>
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<h1>Developer Documentation for the <i>AF3 Testing GUI
<h1><font size="5" style="font-size: 20pt">Plug-in description</font></h1>
<p>UI plug-in for org.fortiss.af3.testing. It hosts dedicated editors which allow to edit the following objects: </p>
<li><tt>TestSuite:</tt> its editor allows to modify inputs and expected outputs of each test step. It also provides markers (pass/fail) which compare the values saved as expected and simulated (the simulation might not be up to date).
<li><tt>TestSuiteSpecification:</tt> its editor allows to configure the different parameters to generate a test suite with a certain coverage. Currently only random coverage is supported.
The package <tt>editor.statics</tt> is currently deprecated since transition and state coverage and not yet supported. <br>
The package <tt>view</tt> implements the two possible views for a test case: the main view where the test suite can be modified and the simulation view.
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