Commit 84bb41f4 authored by Simon Barner's avatar Simon Barner
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Fix changing values from source element parameter editor (only setting the initial value worked).

refs 2950,2562
parent 8afee333 759d5a5462aef5ec2ccd5e0b61b5858d3196145a YELLOW c6cd26de2d483a43f013893d0feff158e7cdb1bf YELLOW 6981413de8dc26e39aa144066ac41fd0181c543f YELLOW ec180b48e1cb32068c9eab5d60dd4b35fb91899c YELLOW e2dbecb997ee8e283cd6eb9f91a882a8ec7b75e9 YELLOW d1205500f59668b6b2083295bdade48844bd60f8 YELLOW ae801bf9e495b983774224444549cfc8c26fee58 YELLOW
......@@ -88,9 +88,9 @@ public class ParameterSourceElementTreeViewerEditingSupport extends EditingSuppo
// Return empty String instead of null since otherwise the CellEditor cannot be
// initialized correctly when editing an empty cell.
return value != null ? value : "";
// Return String instead object (empty string instead of null) since otherwise the
// CellEditor cannot be initialized for editing.
return value != null ? value.toString() : "";
return null;
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