Commit 9158a81e authored by Liana Soima's avatar Liana Soima
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Small fix

Small fix.
Signed-off-by: Liana Soima's avatarLiana Soima <>
Issue-Ref: 3976
parent f0e5d245 66185a1e0f28bdeb4b41caed386191982fa5845c YELLOW b991980db4ed8168193c31302adacb7e2d078e23 YELLOW 11c0f4e48d7d53dba8d416931e7d6866ce9d7ca1 YELLOW d4c8c847f12f4a07f19681d9cd75ce5b0407f700 YELLOW 8d47597b2d89dc72c99fab55666f4fc416a7a5c4 GREEN
......@@ -67,7 +67,7 @@ public class ConnectAwayContextToContextAction extends EObjectActionBase<AwayCon
List<EObject> referenceable =
noReferenceableAwayArgumentElements(getTarget(), classes, Context.class);
if(sapList.isEmpty()) {
openError(shell, "Warning", "Cannot find any Safety Assurance Packages!");
openError(shell, "Warning", "Cannot find any Safety Assurance Packages! ");
} else if(referenceable.isEmpty()) {
openError(shell, "Warning", "No contexts available!");
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