Commit 989fd814 authored by Alexander Diewald's avatar Alexander Diewald

Projects: Prevent NPE if the rename dialog for importing is cancelled

Issue-Ref: 3993
Issue-Url: Alexander Diewald's avatarAlexander Diewald <>
parent c5f2edb9 95b02d271335e46ce89f78c912f85236fc852988 GREEN c566595d083e756c20c919458d81e8a91ab0e10e GREEN 14823ea1da085d019e21e50703f6f4e3fff8aa83 GREEN 465ab042df40cac46d5b17a1d469e865f89c6623 GREEN 87216991e47e14846f7affb49139a3dd2a71aba3 YELLOW cd17cec67769d1c62c9923869c43293036d103e4 GREEN 7bbc27436511ee9d88f8a31f0b19462406d01517 GREEN
......@@ -170,6 +170,10 @@ public class ImportProjectUtils {
// Determine the file location of the target file.
URI targetFileURI = determineTargetFileLocation(
if(targetFileURI == null) {
// Operation was cancelled --> No log message.
// Copy the file, its associated library, and external documents.
try {
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