Commit a09cca3a authored by Simon Barner's avatar Simon Barner
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Uses deprecated method.
parent 097c5c9f a8dddaa2a9e97bfb5d76a3b9da4895878b091e4c GREEN 89c0f9855fab0323bb338c7116080190e75b75e7 GREEN bf0991605d654dd435b7872d2771f7c5dba54584 GREEN cfcc1768ae8879e8b8d3f85b7994964b6bad4c3a GREEN cfcc1768ae8879e8b8d3f85b7994964b6bad4c3a RED 467b23e8610f08b358b496183cda438ee4a46883 GREEN a91554861326db7231238ad4af3e846c856bc857 GREEN b94055ead7f51be871e76c92cc68e508d6bd45b1 GREEN
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