Commit b4331f99 authored by Hernan Ponce de Leon's avatar Hernan Ponce de Leon Committed by Alexander Diewald
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Update rating for mira

Signed-off-by: Hernan Ponce de Leon's avatarHernan Ponce de Leon <>
parent 04605e7f
documentation.html 786e6cdfb0547e354cb0899360792a60f84dc63e RED
<H1>Developer Documentation for <I>org.fortiss.af3.mira.ui</I></H1>
<P>// TODO
documentation.html 0f63314f2078a0bf5fd772487ecafc3d5e2f5685 RED
<H1>Developer Documentation for <I>org.fortiss.af3.mira</I></H1>
<P>// TODO
mira.ecore 1da42564575683992d8b99dbf7b4237003f402bd RED
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