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......@@ -22,20 +22,17 @@ import java.util.List;
import org.eclipse.emf.ecore.EObject;
import org.eclipse.jface.resource.ImageDescriptor;
import org.fortiss.af3.ocra.model.contract.Contract;
import org.fortiss.af3.ocra.model.contract.ContractContainer;
import org.fortiss.af3.specification.ui.AF3SpecificationUIActivator;
import org.fortiss.tooling.kernel.ui.extension.base.ModelElementHandlerBase;
* Handler for {@link Contract}s.
* Handler for {@link ContractContainer}s. {@link ContractContainer} contains a contract.
* {@link ContractContainer} is the edited object in the text editor.
* TODO(VA) For contracts or contract containers? Why do you actually need contract containers?
* @author aravantinos
* @author $Author$
* @version $Rev$
* @ConQAT.Rating YELLOW Hash: A72E177034AB0498D359272DCECBA8A8
* @ConQAT.Rating YELLOW Hash: C169258DE8055F9C6C8E61E260DF9793
public class OCRAContractContainerHandler extends ModelElementHandlerBase<ContractContainer> {
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