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Remove documentation reference to deprecated class.

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parent af8b3820
......@@ -4,4 +4,4 @@ a852d3f317a9149fd0def14c196a274f246f52c3 GREEN ae0f6d6d8f18802b30b84e27ff33f05656e8bdbb GREEN a2af343c4b6c340bf5905a7289022e02230d67af GREEN cf0033a7bfaf222a7d7fcf91669e3cf6a2b78633 GREEN a11c74c992c4fa38e7151157a01e37c25a14df4f GREEN 5afc82102691d356bf9b3075530f9ed9bf51c2bb GREEN
......@@ -24,17 +24,15 @@ import org.fortiss.af3.component.model.Component;
import org.fortiss.af3.mira.model.ExternalRelation;
import org.fortiss.af3.mira.model.Requirement;
import org.fortiss.af3.mira.model.interfacebehaviour.InterfaceBehaviour;
import org.fortiss.af3.mira.model.usecase.UseCase;
import org.fortiss.tooling.kernel.extension.IConstraintChecker;
import org.fortiss.tooling.kernel.extension.base.ConstraintCheckerBase;
* {@link IConstraintChecker} {@link Requirement} implemented in component architecture.
* {@link InterfaceBehaviour} and {@link UseCase}s should be connected to a {@link Component} in the
* component
* architecture.
* {@link InterfaceBehaviour} should be connected to a {@link Component} in the
* component architecture.
* @author user
* @author teufl
public class RequirementTraceToComponentArchitectureChecker extends
ConstraintCheckerBase<Requirement> {
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