Commit d84ef1a4 authored by Marco Volpe's avatar Marco Volpe
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Fixed a problem in finding the corresponding ResourceSchedule

* Comparison based on the IDs of the resource and not on the equals()

Issue-Ref: 3817

Signed-off-by: Marco Volpe's avatarMarco Volpe <>
parent a108b91f 980a4dcf240aca7294173c150c4a6aba7285b8dd GREEN b0be33b10e697504e73e1b5693c36f9c34ddca6f GREEN 9d645b67e1379e6ed246fb7679138ff62c5c3282 GREEN ce6dae1128b5e50ffca02c4e64dbc7b9b7222876 YELLOW
......@@ -50,6 +50,7 @@ import org.fortiss.af3.schedule.model.SystemSchedule;
import org.fortiss.af3.schedule.model.TimeTrigger;
import org.fortiss.af3.schedule.model.Trigger;
import org.fortiss.tooling.base.model.element.IModelElement;
import org.fortiss.tooling.kernel.model.IIdLabeled;
import org.fortiss.tooling.kernel.model.INamedElement;
......@@ -607,8 +608,9 @@ public class ScheduleUtils {
public static ResourceSchedule getResourceSchedule(List<ResourceSchedule> scheduleList,
IPlatformResource modelElement) {
for(Schedule schedule : scheduleList) {
if((schedule instanceof ResourceSchedule) &&
((ResourceSchedule)schedule).getResource().equals(modelElement)) {
if(schedule instanceof ResourceSchedule &&
.getId() == ((IIdLabeled)modelElement).getId())) {
return (ResourceSchedule)schedule;
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