Commit dccf2067 authored by Ludwig Dickmanns's avatar Ludwig Dickmanns
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MCDC: Cleanup

* removed unnecessary comments

Issue-Ref: 3465

Signed-off-by: Ludwig Dickmanns's avatarLudwig Dickmanns <>
parent 52e8dc01
......@@ -66,16 +66,6 @@ public final class MCDCUtils {
* @param context
* @return the {@link Expr} for an {@link ITerm} or <code>null</code> for invalid inputs.
// TODO(HP): Remove the println
// TODO(HP): Way to many nested ifs. maybe use pattern matching.
// Also, it would be better to just check "instance of X" for the Xs in the lowest level of the
// type hierarchy (BoolConst, Var, FunctionCall,
// instead of IStatementTerm or IExpressionTerm) and just return null if not of the cases match
// that.
// Is there a getID function for IDs of the TermsPackage for switch case?? Or aren't the ifs too
// nested?
// The highlevel checks were there to identify the lowest level unmatched case (e.g. unmatched
// IExpressionTerm as print instead of only saying unmatched)
public static Expr toZ3(String prefix, Context ctx, ITerm term, EObject context) {
if(term instanceof BoolConst) {
return ctx.mkBool(((BoolConst)term).getValue());
......@@ -225,7 +215,6 @@ public final class MCDCUtils {
try {
if(operator == EOperator.ADD || operator == EOperator.SUBTRACT ||
operator == EOperator.MULTIPLY) {
// extract -> different type for the two lists
List<ArithExpr> tmp = -> (ArithExpr)toZ3(prefix, ctx, e, context))
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