Commit de93801f authored by Simon Barner's avatar Simon Barner
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Merge branch '3267-fixed-review' into 'master'

New revision of 3267: Modeling of processor frequencies

See merge request af3/af3!146
parents 01aeaf3c 17136615 89f121c73a617626168e31a3977011c536fb1536 YELLOW 89f121c73a617626168e31a3977011c536fb1536 GREEN 0393577edf52d2cf97e060df93e2d79ea71d9481 GREEN 435231b3020dca1e20189a132439cc666cc72eb6 YELLOW 435231b3020dca1e20189a132439cc666cc72eb6 GREEN aedc9b5729911b42bf752d7edbe507ff4f447420 GREEN dacadca1f62afba95d0d6a68f7aca6252b34b172 YELLOW dacadca1f62afba95d0d6a68f7aca6252b34b172 GREEN 9e30e6e0df10beaaf3231c9ff06a0c5ab1df9b34 GREEN cb886708a180db20dee0411b37fa32185b9a95f5 GREEN 33b2836459c8258127bd1174c938b5953b115eba YELLOW 33b2836459c8258127bd1174c938b5953b115eba GREEN 00d09fbe4950453c0272c6b497b994ffeec38023 GREEN 97fe6771fbe09ccd16c1fe1ade862d2f95093ed1 GREEN e19b353b4f7624fd38db782524fed5cdf66dff55 GREEN 41af5aeea1c94de2deb2a024b5d0c589302b0c15 GREEN 2e073c418cfdf089f42d13be62ff3b26efca3a39 YELLOW 2e073c418cfdf089f42d13be62ff3b26efca3a39 GREEN a886f42410d752a4134fc768c997e731ed3a2b09 GREEN 6953bff6596420f113b883582cc45a9ada91db0b GREEN 01ce1e0c5d93db3707b129c1af6010c5782b35a1 GREEN 2fe676ee748e41d38c3f5afcbb3fa2e6188cbc80 GREEN
......@@ -46,7 +46,7 @@ import org.fortiss.tooling.kernel.extension.IMigrationProvider;
* Migrates {@link MemoryRequirement} annotations to {@link RamRequirement} annotations.
* Migrates {@code MemoryRequirement} annotations to {@link RamRequirement} annotations.
* @author munaro
......@@ -7,4 +7,4 @@ b1ea8f54cc152dd6c1050f 0ac11438943e72798330e76caff50782d1970cb4 GREEN ed6b5d4e28a2f445d71890b5e5718717b8457796 GREEN 9a935e8e0a661b2c54d8c77760e1627069da1220 GREEN b1ea12518b8cba7ceb4e3eb4b4ac3ac138b335b7 GREEN 54212464796264d95f5e627a000de7150fe05ba3 GREEN
......@@ -34,7 +34,7 @@ import org.fortiss.af3.timing.model.annotation.Wcet;
public class TaskWcetTableStaticImpl {
* Returns the {@link Wcet} if the {@link Task} if it is mapped to a given {@link ExecutionUnit}
* Returns the {@link Wcet} of the {@link Task} if it is mapped to a given {@link ExecutionUnit}
* that is clocked to the given {@code frequency}, or {@code null} in case the value could not
* be looked up (e.g., because the given {@code frequency} has not been annotated to the
* {@link ExecutionUnit}.
......@@ -62,7 +62,7 @@ public class TaskWcetTableStaticImpl {
// Scale WCET to provided frequency (relative to base frequency)
return wcet.multiply(valueOf(baseFrequency)).divide(valueOf(frequency));
return wcet.multiply(valueOf(frequency)).divide(valueOf(baseFrequency));
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