Commit e41f4cf3 authored by Simon Barner's avatar Simon Barner
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Avoid NPE when opening the editor (as a WcetTableEditor) for a freshly created TaskArchitecture.

refs 2950,2562
parent 11a3df94
......@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@ 759d5a5462aef5ec2ccd5e0b61b5858d3196 c6cd26de2d483a43f013893d0feff158e7cdb1bf YELLOW 6981413de8dc26e39aa144066ac41fd0181c543f YELLOW e2dbecb997ee8e283cd6eb9f91a882a8ec7b75e9 YELLOW 2794ccede2a6dd2ddd38b5a9db08eef596c510b3 YELLOW d9d2bb2d5f7ce5a98ae13d0c8cffe9056a8e56c2 YELLOW ae801bf9e495b983774224444549cfc8c26fee58 YELLOW 6cb338ada7c286ae7aaedc3a9f326136571daf81 YELLOW 6b97e361c3c8a633eb29963d44f7d4b3a9b9089a YELLOW
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