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Merge branch '3969' into 'master'


See merge request !319
parents 205f6c30 e6848f22 a5feb78f57aee4a8206866ef2dc6ca13bb145305 GREEN 9141373b9498b8e947ef1ca8921128bdf66ec308 GREEN c9016fd1b30ee8ed98cace186615c03ccb894abc GREEN f7129096fe9e509f199d07f2db597dac8297a3a2 GREEN 19ca73be6a4ea974994d26db537329878748b20d GREEN c784b5e87c08abc9a3e201c11bc08b93fce20f6a GREEN
......@@ -45,5 +45,34 @@ public class ComponentStructureFXEditor extends LWFXEFEditorBase<Component> {
DiagramViewerFeatures features = viewer.getFeatures();
features.setIndicatorSpacing(new Dimension2D(12, 12));
features.setHelpText(MANUAL_LAYOUT + "\n" + BENDPOINT_CREATION + "\n\n" + AUTO_LAYOUT +
"\n\n" + MODEL_CREATION + "\n");
/** Manual bendpoint creation help text. */
private static final String MANUAL_LAYOUT = "Manual layout:\n" +
"\t- Use the arrow keys to move components or ports into the desired position.";
/** Bendpoint creation on channel. */
private static final String BENDPOINT_CREATION = "\t- Channel Bendpoint creation:\n" +
"\t\t* Ctrl+left click on a channel to create a bendpoint.\n" +
"\t\t* Bendpoint can be moved by left click+drag.\n" +
"\t\t* Bendpoint can be removed by ctrl+right click.";
/** Auto layout triggering. */
private static final String AUTO_LAYOUT = "Auto layout:\n" +
"\t- Right click in the background of the editor opens the context menu with the auto layout feature.\n" +
"\t- If selected, the components on the current hierarchy level are automatically layouted.";
/** Creation of model elements */
private static final String MODEL_CREATION = "Model element creation:\n" +
"\t- The \"Model Elements\" view on the right, next to the editor, shows all model elements which can be created.\n" +
"\t- By dragging (click+drag) one model element into the editor, the element is created.\n" +
"\t- Alternative for component and ports:\n" +
"\t\t* Right click in the background of the editor or on a component opens the context menu.\n" +
"\t\t* In the \"New..\" sub-menu, components and ports can be created.\n" +
"\t- Channel creation:\n" +
"\t\t* Move the mouse close to a port. The cursor will change to a cross.\n" +
"\t\t* Start dragging (click+drag). Possible connection targets are now highlighted green.\n" +
"\t\t* Enable \"Interactive Area Shading\" in the context menu to get a hint of the size of dragging areas around ports.\n";
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