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      Exploration(.*): Fix containment relations. · e61b8413
      Alexander Diewald authored
      When using a non-z3 backend (here: the unofficial MOEA backend) that makes a more extensive use of the ExplorationSolution, invalid models can be produced. The reason for this behavior are faulty containment relations since the produced model fragments of the DSE were not contained in any other EObject. Here, it shall be noted that the SuperSets themselves are not intended as containers as of now since they are also used to pass around references to the relevant elements of a DSE.
      Furthermore, one warning was produced due to an EAttribute not being set (noticeable on the console).
      Technical details:
      * getCastedType(...): Used to avoid ugly casting in client code. The DSE language is based on generic IModelElements, whereas the Sets/SuperSets are strict w.r.t. to the types to provide guarantess for the DSE I/O.
      * The ExplorationSpecification now contains the the map of input parameters passed to the DSE (Tracing), but not its elements (!).
      * ExplorationSolution: 
      * * Contains the returned SuperSetMap.
      * * Added a "pool" for SuperSets: They are accessible via the SuperSetMap.
      * * Added a element "pool" for the generated elements referenced by the returned SuperSets.
      * DSMLModelElementFactory: Creating Sets now requires a reference to the SuperSet (reduced code redundancy; can be used for robustness checking later).
      * Adapt to the meta-model changes when using SuperSets/Sets (esp in the smt plugin).
      refs 3353
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      Exploration: DSE project MM improvements & DSE Backend Unification · c860e139
      Alexander Diewald authored
      | Exploration
      - ExplorationSpecification
        - targets: non-contained (Migrator!)
        - Add superSet reference to pass required SuperSets to the DSE backend.
      - Remove ExplorationSolution interface: No Migration needed.
      - Rename ExplorationSolutionSet --> ExplorationSolution
        - Deprecated inputModelAdapter: No migration needed, only used in MOEA.
        - Renaming: targetSpecification --> explorationSpec
          - targetSpecification marked @deprecated
          - No mirgator needed: Class was not used in previous stable releases.
      - Add EClass SuperSetMap: Relates types of elements to SuperSets
        - solution: EJavaClassToSuperSetMap (containment!)
      - Add EClass EJavaClassToSuperSetMap: internal map of "SuperSetMap"
        - key: Class
        - Value: SuperSet (NO containment!)
      - ExplorationSolution
        - Renamed solutionModelMap -> solutionSets
          (Type EJavaClassToEJavaObjectMap -> EJavaClassToSuperSetMap)
        - Adjust EOperations to modifications in backend map.
      - SingleExplorationSolution
        - Add the solution state for single solutions.
        - Adjust EOperations to modifications in backend map.
      - Removed EJavaClassToEJavaObjectMap
      - DSE:
        - Add EReference target: ExplorationTarget (containment)
        - Remove explorationSpecification (Migrator!)
      - Add an ExplorationTargetPool that contains all ExplorationTargets of a DSE
      - DSERun:
        - Add EReference explorationSolution (containment)
        - Remove EReference visualization (Migrator!)
      - Overwrite the accept method for the Sum expression: Do not return null if the
        associated set is empty, evaluate to Zero, instead.
      New Migrators
      - DSEExplorationTargetContainmentMigrator
        Migrates the set of explorationTargets to the DSE project
      - VisualizationToExpSolutionMigrator:
        Migrates the Visualization data to the ExplorationSolution representation that
        allows a better traceability.
      Other Business
      - Adjust plugin.xml to account for recently removed Objective- and
        ConstraintExpression classes. Now, ExplorationObjective and
        ExplorationConstraint is used.
      | Exploration.alg
      - Adjust the Opt4JBackend to be comply to the new DSE Backend Specification
      - The output type detection in the base decoder is more robust.
      - The ITaskAdapter temporally references its corresponding component to ease
        the refactoring of the DSE backend interface. This shall not be needed when
        the transformation framework is integrated again.
      - Temporally transform the internal solutions to a superset of
        ComponentToExecutionUnitAllocations to create s solution model. Workaround
        until the transformation framework is integrated again.
      - Misc adjustment for backend changes.
      | Exploration.smt
      - Adjust the Z3Backend to be comply to the new DSE Backend Specification
      - Base the results of the DeploymentRun2 and SolverRun2 on the
        ExplorationSolution (see above).
      | Exploration.ui
      - Adjust the GUI logic to account for the changed containment relations.
      - Update the DSE project import wizard for the Meta-Model changes.
      - Move the ExplorationSolutionVisualizationUtils class to the UI plugin (here).
        It is used to transform ExplorationSolutions to a Visualization representation
        (i.e., DataSetCollection).
      - Use doubles instead of ints in the SpiderChartUtils. Although not a proper
        solution, this covers more cases... Instead the generic should be reflected.
      refs 3273
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      Exploration(.*): Remove outdated EClasses. · ccd64958
      Alexander Diewald authored
      * No migration needed due to the eClasses' abstract/interface nature.
      * Removed ObectiveExpression
      * Removed ConstraintExpression
      * Removed ExplorationTargetExpression
      * Removed GenericObjective
      * Removed GenericConstraint
      refs 3273
  10. 01 Feb, 2018 1 commit
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      Exploration: Use SuperSets to pass model data to the backend. · bfc67c2f
      Alexander Diewald authored
      * Modify (Super)Sets to use a generic that denotes the types of elements within a set. Thereby, it is ensured that only elements of this kind are contained/referenced in a specific set.
      * Introduce a SuperSetMap that allows to associate the types of elements of supersets with superset instances.
      * Use the SuperSetMap as the main entity to pass model elements from the DSE Project to backends.
      * Add the ComponentToTaskAllocationTable to the DSESuperSet and the DSE model element: This is the new way to identify which Tasks belong to which Component.
      refs 2939
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      Common: LambdaUtils: Add a more general filter by type method. · 7f73d9e2
      Alexander Diewald authored
      * The current filterByType methods has fairly strict expectations
        towards inheritance which restricts the use of the method.
      * Add a more generic filterType method that has less restrictions
        w.r.t. the generics.
      * Rename the existing method to filterTypeSafe.
      refs 3203
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