1. 14 Sep, 2017 1 commit
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      added new constraints as per Hernan's suggestions... Also changed the... · 75668aa4
      Saad bin Abid authored
      added new constraints as per Hernan's suggestions... Also changed the text/description of the constraints to be coherent.. extended the mira.ecore to have new constraints implemented. Added new constraints are 1) CheckListReviewConstraint (to check if the checklist attached with every requirement), 2) RequirementExistsConstraint (to check if the Requirement Package has the requirement) and 3) ComponentExistsConstraint (to check if the Component Architecture has components available).
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      adapted dse content provider · fc4c0aa5
      Johannes Eder authored
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      - Prototype of Input/Outputport mapping editor added · f5dcce81
      Sergey Zverlov authored
      - Model change listner still needed
      refs 3035
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      Introduce "ModelEditorNotAvailableBinding" · 0fdaeba2
      Simon Barner authored
        - It can be used to specify that for a particular model element no editor is available.
        - This avoids that ModelEditorBindingService further walks up the model hierarchy to look for an editor that is registered for one of the ancestors. Currently, this had the the effect that for a model element without explicit editor, the project configuration editor (that is registered for the root element "FileProject") has been opened
      Use the the new ModelEditorNotAvailableBinding mechanism for the following model elements
        - SystemSchedule
        - AllocationTableCollection
        - SafetyArgumentationPackage
      refs 3048
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      export annotaiton package · e58d6480
      Johannes Eder authored
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