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Remove outdated settings folder

* Dropins are no longer needed.
* The code-style rules can be always exported from any plugin since
  they point the centralized settings. To do so, please open the
  plugin settings and go to "Java Code Style" --> Export.

Issue-Ref: 3620

Signed-off-by: Alexander Diewald's avatarAlexander Diewald <>
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This folder contains eclipse configurations.
Note that changes to these files should be approved by the quality assurance team.
Changing the first file requires all users to update their local copy manually.
Changing the Eclipse preference files takes effect after users update their
checked out copy.
File Description
---- -----------
dropins/<rel>/*.jar Development support tools, which were bundled with ConQAT development tools, but are no
longer maintained by the ConQAT development team.
INSTALL: Copy the *.jar files into your Eclipse installation's "dropins" folder. Use the
correct Eclipse release <rel> (Indigo or Juno).
Restart Eclipse and issue a full rebuild using the Clean operation.
fortiss-*-codestyle These files (fortiss-java-codestyle, fortiss-c-codestyle, ...) contain the eclipse
code-formatter rules used by AF3. For consistency EVERY developer shall use these
rules. However, a manual import is not necessary, since the rules are also contained
in org.eclipse.jdt.* (see above).
Although not necessary, a manual import is performed the following way (example for java):
'Window' -> 'Preferences' -> 'Java' -> 'Code Style' -> 'Formatter' -> 'Import'
Then please make sure, that the new rule-set 'fortiss' is selected as the active profile.
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