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    • Alexander Diewald's avatar
      oomph: Fix redmine API key query. · eca9d124
      Alexander Diewald authored
      * Undeclared variables shall not be used with oomph since they are
        demanded every time eclipse is started.
      * Instead, use the "key" variable directly to demand the API key during
        the initial setup steps.
      * The "PASSWORD" cannot be used since mylyn requires the API key in
        clear text and stores it as such. Thus, we are doomed to use the
        "STRING" variable type.
      Issue-Ref: 3406
      Signed-off-by: Alexander Diewald's avatarAlexander Diewald <diewald@fortiss.org>
    • Alexander Diewald's avatar
      oomph: Define mylyn-based commit template. · 4aec3127
      Alexander Diewald authored
      * Provides a pre-configured commit message.
      * The Issue-Id and link are auto-created based on the
        activated Mylyn Task from the task list.
      Issue-Ref: 3406
      Signed-off-by: Alexander Diewald's avatarAlexander Diewald <diewald@fortiss.org>
    • Alexander Diewald's avatar
      oomph: Finalize the mylyn integration. · 7e17edca
      Alexander Diewald authored
      * Copy the mylyn repository configuration from the gitlab
        server during setup such that it is available before
        eclipse starts up. Otherwise, the repository configuration
        would be overridden, or a manual restart would be needed
        before mylyn queries could be defined (fragile approach).
      * After the startup, define the queries that provide access
        to all AF3 tickets and the ones assigned to the developer.
      * Reset branch information of the fortiss-std-env repo to
        the master branch (it has been adjusted for testing the feature
      * Add a dependency on the egit <--> mylyn integration to pre-configure
        commit messages.
      Issue-Ref: 3406
      Signed-off-by: Alexander Diewald's avatarAlexander Diewald <diewald@fortiss.org>
    • Alexander Diewald's avatar
      oomph: Initial test setup for mylyn integration. · df427159
      Alexander Diewald authored
      * Mylyn provides an abstraction and eclipse IDE integration such that
        different issue trackers can be controlled through the same UI.
      * Add the latest p2 repository for the mylyn plugins.
      * Add the mylyn incubation p2 repo to provide the web connector.
      * Copy a preconfigured settings file into the workspace since oomph does
        not allow to configure the majority of the required attributes to
        configure the web connector.
      * The preconfigured configuration defines the AF3 redmine repository and
        installs two queries: all tasks and those assigned to the individual
      * The configuration is based on the REST API of redmine and requires the
        developer to generate and enter an API key.
      Issue-Ref: 3406
      Signed-off-by: Alexander Diewald's avatarAlexander Diewald <diewald@fortiss.org>
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