Commit 35b6524b authored by Alexander Diewald's avatar Alexander Diewald
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EMFTypeMap: Fix compare operation

Issue-Ref: 3846
Signed-off-by: Alexander Diewald's avatarAlexander Diewald <>
parent 3c5208a6 99a70a6c5db0cb283a1e0614f4f455422047e14d YELLOW ad1c6ecba7fbb2dff0d72ea12cd5040abe52364f YELLOW 792b6f10042562983b192cfe2a2547221391e701 YELLOW e7572738d19c81fd507bc8ca88a3408058d88bf0 YELLOW e18e66236b223eaf4c22037459779b421a0c2703 GREEN
......@@ -37,7 +37,7 @@ public class EMFTypeMap<S extends EObject, T> extends TreeMap<Class<? extends S>
public int compare(Class<? extends S> c1, Class<? extends S> c2) {
Class<? extends S> i1 = getInterfaceType(c1);
Class<? extends S> i2 = getInterfaceType(c1);
Class<? extends S> i2 = getInterfaceType(c2);
if(i1 == i2) {
return 0;
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