Commit 52d56c82 authored by Simon Barner's avatar Simon Barner
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Add IListPropertySection::canRemoveModelListElement()

Issue-Ref: 3470

Signed-off-by: Simon Barner's avatarSimon Barner <>
parent b11e0874
......@@ -2,10 +2,10 @@ 3676a600e0866091db9798763c6eee97eec5b55b GREEN 6275d96fe8690d9d4744bcbaef3c7d14ba8e30ff GREEN 8714da09a777c8557de0a5c48ff68c340f9fa91d GREEN 4ef9f8be59e64d4838acc9e268d418ba5d94fa1a GREEN bbc5f6851842a9cb0af5e9898d9c6e197a36312a YELLOW 7390dd7bfdc979e8ff0c5c30c67ab7b6c9d70c92 YELLOW 0548da6778516003257f59d0b4c2b60d458be3b6 YELLOW 9c09fff92945256bb8680992ae7bb2c78f47b150 GREEN a093a8a625d291b8adecec5082e32748a2d99f9e YELLOW 8bb00fe7959583e794ff9437b7a77404c9a9e70f YELLOW 4c5ac569c0b6e7678fc8191096b26dfd09fdcb98 GREEN 384727748f125c9d43f19d9c0eba4ba1be5a7a26 GREEN 9e237d8ea640c4194e4877af4a9cfce88698e543 GREEN
......@@ -97,7 +97,9 @@ public abstract class EReferenceListPropertySectionBase<I extends EObject, R ext
// refresh() does not work here. It is based on isRemoveButtonEnabled(), that
// queries the selection of the 'listViewer' has not been updated yet. When this
// listener is triggered, only the 'event' already contains the new selection.
removeButton.setEnabled(getFirstSelectedElement(event.getSelection()) != null);
R selectedElement = getFirstSelectedElement(event.getSelection());
removeButton.setEnabled(selectedElement != null && section
.canRemoveModelListElement(section.getSectionInput(), selectedElement));
......@@ -170,7 +172,9 @@ public abstract class EReferenceListPropertySectionBase<I extends EObject, R ext
* </p>
protected boolean isRemoveButtonEnabled() {
return getFirstSelectedElement(listViewer.getSelection()) != null;
R selectedElement = getFirstSelectedElement(listViewer.getSelection());
return selectedElement != null &&
section.canRemoveModelListElement(section.getSectionInput(), selectedElement);
/** Refreshes the input and the enabled state of the controls. */
......@@ -245,9 +249,12 @@ public abstract class EReferenceListPropertySectionBase<I extends EObject, R ext
protected final EObject getModelValue(I input) {
List<R> elements = getValues(input);
// The value selected in the combo box is not directly stored in the model (see
// setModelValue()). Hence, instead of retrieving a value for the model from the combobox,
// by default the first element is selected.
if(elements.contains(selectedElement)) {
return selectedElement;
// In the currently selected element is not in the list of available elements, default to
// the first element in the list
selectedElement = elements.isEmpty() ? null : elements.get(0);
return selectedElement;
......@@ -36,6 +36,9 @@ public interface IListPropertySection<I extends EObject, R extends EObject> {
/** Removes the given {@code element} from the edited {@link EReference} list. */
public void removeModelListElement(I input, R element);
/** Predicate if the given {@code element} may be removed from the list. */
public boolean canRemoveModelListElement(I input, R element);
/** Returns the currently selected element of the viewer used to edit the element list. */
public R getSelectedElement();
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