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    • Florian Hölzl's avatar
      GREEN. · 02e06b5e
      Florian Hölzl authored
      refs 2983
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      Unify implementation of generic boolean checkbox table editor and annotation... · 2f8fa12c
      Simon Barner authored
      Unify implementation of generic boolean checkbox table editor and annotation view-specific implementation
        - Eliminate org.fortiss.tooling.base.ui.annotation.editingsupport.BooleanCellEditor since instead of showning an editor, the icon visualizing the checkbox state is toggled.
        - Rename org.fortiss.tooling.base.ui.annotation.editingsupport.EmulatedNativeCheckBoxLabelProvider -> CheckBoxLabelProviderInsteadSubclassing. It is based on static utility methods provided by org.fortiss.tooling.base.ui.tablecell.CheckBoxLabelProvider (subclassing is not possible due to conflicting required base classes).
      refs 2268
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    • Alexander Diewald's avatar
      - Copy operation are not dirtying the model any more: Add a write flag to... · e0badd9c
      Alexander Diewald authored
      - Copy operation are not dirtying the model any more: Add a write flag to annotation actions; Only those will are dirtying a model now.
      - Context menu in the annotation view is no longer visible for non-editable annotations.
      - References and multi-references are now correctly handled:
        - Correct the set logic.
        - Offer two kinds of pastes for multi-reference annotations: append, replace.
      - Fix duplicated context menu entries for the SafetyIntegrityLevel annotation (details: see bug report).
      refs 2361
  20. 07 Dec, 2016 1 commit
    • Alexander Diewald's avatar
      Add copy & paste capabilities for annotations. · 4c88453c
      Alexander Diewald authored
      - Move the getEStructuralFeatureDescriptor method to the IAnnotationValueProvider interface.
      - Move the getContectMenuEntries method for AnnotationValueProviders to the ValueProviderBase class.
        - Remove the DefaultAnnotationContextActions interface that provided a default implementation.
        - Add copy & paste Actions to the ValueProviderBase class.
      - Improve the handling of (Annotation) instanceKeys in the GenericAnnotationView.
      - Generalize the Action to create random values for the annotations of the visible element set in the annotation view:
        - Can handle only Number types up to now.
        - Add a static method in AnnotationUtils that allows to provide this capability in AnnotationValueProviders.
      - Add a BaseMathUtils utility class in org.fortiss.tooling.base to handle "dynamic" Number conversions that are not considered in Apache common's MathUtils: Used, e.g., for the randowm number generation.
      - Update the EnergyConsumption- & WcetValueProviders.
      refs 2361
  21. 14 Oct, 2016 1 commit
    • Alexander Diewald's avatar
      Improve the annotation action "framework". · c9d571fe
      Alexander Diewald authored
      - Add a mechanism to create input dialogs: The action descriptor passes a map-type object that defines the expected parameters.
      - Refine the container classes.
      - Add an annotation action that allows to create random valued entries for a selected annotation build around an average value and the given bounds.
      refs 2361
  22. 13 Oct, 2016 1 commit
    • Alexander Diewald's avatar
      Extend the AnnotationAction "framework". · 9b274ef6
      Alexander Diewald authored
      - Move the annotation and annotationEntry fields from the ColumnHandle to the AnnotationInstSpec class.
      - Add a container class to the IAnnotationValueProvider that allows to specify the menu entry string and the set of elements to apply the specified action to.
      - Modify the IAnnotationValueProvider and DefaultAnnotationContextActions interfaces to use the new container class.
      - Adjust the GenericAnnotationView to create runnables based on the information found in the new container class.
      - Simplify the "Propagate to all" annotation action.
      refs 2361
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  24. 10 Oct, 2016 3 commits
    • Simon Barner's avatar
      - Apply context menu action only to currently visible annotations (i.e., respect annotation filter) · fc95c825
      Simon Barner authored
      - Add TODO to change interface of IAnnotationValueProvider::getContextMenuEntries(): The method should be based on another method in IAnnotationValueProvider that returns a <String, BiConsumer> whose BiConsumer defines the action to apply to a single annotation entry. This ensures uniform iteration over the affected annotation entries, while providing the flexibility to enable custom iteration schemes
      - Minor cleanup
        - Perform all modifications of an action in a single command
        - Re-update of annotation view only it was enabled before issuing the command 
      refs 2361
    • Simon Barner's avatar
      - Interpret model element / annotation name filter as regex · cdd597d6
      Simon Barner authored
      - Add check box to toggle case sensitive match (default: insensitive match as before)
    • Alexander Diewald's avatar
      Initial implementation: Provide control to apply value to multiple rows. · 5d6e73cb
      Alexander Diewald authored
      - Extend the IAnnotationValueProvider interface to include a method that returns a list of context menu entries with associated actions. The default implementation returns an empty list (implemented in the default interface method). This allows existing annotation value providers to add some default context menu actions by implementing an additional interface while existing AnnotationValueProviders do not need to be adjusted.
      - Add an additional descriptor class "AnnotationInstSpec" that allows to uniquely identify the Annotation (& instanceKey) shown as columns in the annotation view. It has been abstracted from the class ColumnHandle.
      - Add a method to the AnnotationLabelProvider that allows to query the Annotation for which it has been constructed.
      - Extend the GenericAnnotationView to display a context menu for "annotation columns". The content of the context menu is specified by the AnnoationvalueProvider.
      - Implement a context menu entry in the interface DefaultAnnotationContextActions that is implemented by the EnergyConsumptionValueProvider.
      refs 2361
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