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# Public Service Provider Module
## 1. Technical Component
![Alt text](figures/component_c4ai.png?raw=true "Title")
This technical component is a representative implementation of a service provider in the german public sector. It could be pre-configured and deployed for different providers with different services. The following figure gives an overview about the environemnt of such a component:
<p align="center">
<img src="figures/component_c4ai.png">
Through a RESTful API as interface, a public service provider module can be easily integrated in (Web-)Applications and portals. It has been designed according to the OpenAPI specification standards and is thus resrouces based. Every instance of PSP-module contains exactly three resrouces:
- /Leistung: to get information about the available services.
- /Verfahren: to apply for a service and get its processing status.
- /Sachverhalte: to retrieve and verify service-realted documents.
## 2. Possible Use Case
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