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<li>When the server starts, a configuration screen will show up on localhost:8080</li>
<li>We are using a MySQL database so you have to change the databases configuration (click on "change" under Database).</li>
<li>Select "MySQL" as the Database Type.</li>
<li>Change the field JDBC URL to <br> <b> jdbc:mysql://</b> </li>
<li>Change the field JDBC URL to <br> <b>jdbc:mysql://localhost/lportal?characterEncoding=UTF-8&dontTrackOpenResources=true&holdResultsOpenOverStatementClose=true&useFastDateParsing=false&useUnicode=true</b> </li>
<li>Now set User Name and Password according to your MySQL installation.</li>
<li>If everything was configured correctly, you will be redirected to the Liferay landing page. </li>
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