Commit d0f2d786 authored by Andreas Bayha's avatar Andreas Bayha
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Requirements: Fixed requirements overview title bar

The column for the requirement title had "name" as a heading instead of

Issue-Ref: 4074

Signed-off-by: Andreas Bayha's avatarAndreas Bayha <>
parent 68d6b0f1 b84de1ee72efde3a2496c18128059fbe2df5c8f2 YELLOW 61a0faa7d5dbf525fae07a334494920932770094 YELLOW 3346106642d7dbd68e6328e4cbd33f6569c6f6ff GREEN 2f9b6874d6d7063ba2d3acd49f77f36052d75a5b YELLOW 219b4bb77260b82aa28c84a04935426d7b8e1a7f YELLOW
......@@ -79,7 +79,7 @@ public class RequirementsOverviewFXEditor<T extends IHierarchicElement> extends
treeTableViewer.addColumn("Type", 160);
treeTableViewer.addColumn("Status", 160);
treeTableViewer.addColumn("ID", 100);
treeTableViewer.addColumn("Name", 160);
treeTableViewer.addColumn("Title", 160);
treeTableViewer.addColumn("Description", 280);
treeTableViewer.addColumn("Comment", 250);
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