Commit da09af53 authored by Simon Barner's avatar Simon Barner
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Merge branch '4067' into 'master'

DSE-CLI: Skip Validation if no Solution is Present

See merge request af3/af3!373
parents 0f5f58bb 1f76bb1c 4d80dee08bbf5f66d460bcdd158aaf3c96b654ab GREEN ccd942515f5490ff9ed6ece891f3ade206333a08 GREEN 47d7ffc80526e670ac149a2c18100ca6cc8ee19b GREEN 1b882428463c21c355d96c883af428d3fa4cce2d GREEN
......@@ -96,6 +96,12 @@ public class ValidateDSESolutionCommandLineInterface implements ICommandLineSwit
SolutionSelectionStep solStep = (SolutionSelectionStep)currentStep;
SingleExplorationSolution singleSolution = solStep.getSelectedSolution();
if(singleSolution == null) {
info(AF3ExplorationActivator.getDefault(), "The DSE project " + matchingDSE.getName() +
" does not contain a solution that can be validated.");
boolean isSolutionValidated = false;
try {
isSolutionValidated = validateSingleSolution(solStep);
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