Commit 44e26a5a authored by Oliver Horst's avatar Oliver Horst
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[add] Recipe for adjtimex-demo application

parent bd2fccc0
SRC_URI = "git://;protocol=https"
SRCREV = "521b0bcdafaaa3696dfba1cf581edb8b85fa9e7d"
PV = "0.0.1+git${SRCPV}"
S = "${WORKDIR}/git"
inherit toki-externalsrc
EXTERNALSRC = "${@relative_externalsrc(d, "applications/adjtimex-demo")}"
BINARY_NAME = "adjtimex-demo.elf"
inherit toki-app
FILES_${PN}-dev += "${libdir}/cmake/*"
TARGET_CFLAGS += "-fpie"
SYSROOT_DIRS_append = " ${bindir}"
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