Commit c03bb575 authored by Johannes Wiesboeck's avatar Johannes Wiesboeck Committed by Oliver Horst
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[add] Added recipes for taclebench.

parent 7d8cbefb
require conf/distro/include/
S = "${WORKDIR}/git/${MACHINE}/${TOKI_CONFIG}/taclebench"
inherit toki-externalsrc
EXTERNALSRC = "${@relative_externalsrc(d, "configs/${MACHINE}/${TOKI_CONFIG}/taclebench")}"
SRC_URI = "git://;protocol=https"
PV = "1.9+git${SRCPV}"
SRCREV = "fab478e1d955c8e45c2807168bfee407c5cd1a79"
S = "${WORKDIR}/git"
inherit toki-externalsrc
EXTERNALSRC = "${@relative_externalsrc(d, "components/taclebench")}"
inherit cmake
FILES_${PN}-dev += "${libdir}/cmake/*"
DEPENDS = "taclebench-config"
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