Commit fa15ab45 authored by Dorel Coman's avatar Dorel Coman Committed by Oliver Horst
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memguard: in lab testing, small fix

parent f0c0e728
......@@ -354,7 +354,13 @@ void memguard_notify_new_task_created(TaskHandle_t task_handle, uint32_t bandwid
vTaskSetMemguardTaskInfo(task_handle, new_task_info);
new_task_info->tsk_susp_by_user = pdFALSE;
new_task_info->tsk_susp_by_memguard = pdTRUE;
if(task_handle == memguard_task_handle){
new_task_info->tsk_susp_by_memguard = pdFALSE;
} else {
new_task_info->tsk_susp_by_memguard = pdTRUE;
/* The order of the next 2 ifs is important in order to don't get a
configASSERT() fail. If we try to resume any task which was not created
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