Commit 48c2262c authored by Oliver Horst's avatar Oliver Horst
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[add] Default idle hook

- Marked all port specific default hooks as weak symbol (was only missing for the ARM CA53 port)
- Added a toki specific idle hook (placeholder) that can be replaced by an application specific one
parent 550b7126
......@@ -35,6 +35,23 @@
#include "xil/drivers/xttcps.h"
#include "xil/drivers/xscugic.h"
* Some FreeRTOSConfig.h settings require the application writer to provide the
* implementation of a callback function that has a specific name, and a linker
* error will result if the application does not provide the required function.
* To avoid the risk of a configuration file setting resulting in a linker error
* this file provides default implementations of each callback that might be
* required. The default implementations are declared as weak symbols to allow
* the application writer to override the default implementation by providing
* their own implementation in the application itself.
void vApplicationAssert( const char *pcFileName, uint32_t ulLine ) __attribute__((weak));
void vApplicationTickHook( void ) __attribute__((weak));
void vApplicationIdleHook( void ) __attribute__((weak));
void vApplicationMallocFailedHook( void ) __attribute((weak));
void vApplicationStackOverflowHook( TaskHandle_t xTask, char *pcTaskName ) __attribute__((weak));
/* Timer used to generate the tick interrupt. */
static XTtcPs xTimerInstance;
XScuGic xInterruptController;
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