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[chg] Update to mention the correct bash/curl setup command

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......@@ -55,7 +55,7 @@ To prepare the setup you shall furthermore obtain a personal access token from G
The actual setup of the toki build- and test-environment is conducted by an automatic setup script. Please download and execute the script by executing:
$ curl -s --request GET --header 'PRIVATE-TOKEN: [YOUR PRIVATE TOKEN]' '' | bash
$ bash <(curl -s --request GET --header 'PRIVATE-TOKEN: [YOUR PRIVATE TOKEN]' '')
The script will download and setup the toki build- and test-environment within the folder you are executing it in, it will guide you through the setup process. The script will ask you to provide once again your personal GitLab access token, to clone all repositories, this token will be stored in a file called 'secrets.txt' (only accessible by your user) for future calls to the toki helper scripts.
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