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Autocode5 is an implementation of GXW synthesis tool. AC5 allows numeric variables and comparison clauses in GXW
specifications. AC5 will generate a python program according to the input GXW specifications.
For details in GXW theory, see the [paper](
For the former implementation see [here](
#Download and Installation
For the source code, download or clone the `srccode` folder. The source folder can be simply open by most modern
Java IDE.
For the binary tool, download the `release` folder only.
To run AC5, the environmental requirements are as follows:
- Java 11+
- [Yices]( 2.6.4+
- [Lingua Franca]( 0.7.0+
The CLI tool of Lingua Franca `lfc` is attached in the release folder.
After downloading or cloning, go into the release directory, use
java -jar Autocode5.jar [inputFilePath]
A `model.lf` file will be generated in the current directory. This is the synthesized model of input specifications.
Then go into the `lfc` directory, run
./lfc ../model.lf
Generated python program is in `release/src-gen/model/`.
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