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Liana Soima requested to merge 3976 into master

Tasks implemented from issue 3976 (

  • delete Export Assurance Case functionality and button from context menu

  • delete Add Scope button and functionality from the Property View of Goals

  • delete add safety requirements and functionality from the Property View of Goals

  • change Safety Case ---> Assurance Case (from SafetyCasesModelElementFactory, SafetyArgumentationPackageModelElementFactory and PrototypeProvider)

  • change Safety Argumentation Package ---> Assurance Package (from SafetyCasesModelElementFactory and PrototypeProvider)

  • connect to away goal/context/solution --- if no goals/solutions/context elements in other modules, than display a dialog "no goals available"

  • Connect 2 Goal/Context/Solution ---- > Connect to Goal/Context/Solution

  • Go To Referenced Goal/Context/Solution ---> Go to Referenced Goal/Context/Solution

  • bugfix: context doesn't display text

  • undeveloped: set and unset automatically

  • instantiated:

  • all elements are initially marked as uninstantiated.

  • all elements that contain a reference with no element specified are marked as uninstantiated. Example: The textualInformation (claimText) of an ArgumentElement contains the empty reference"@component".

------- Automatic set of is uninstantiated if the claim contains "{*}"

Tasks implemented from issue 4056 ( Listeners are used to detect patterns and referenced System Model Elements in the ClaimText of an ArgumentElements.

If the ClaimText contains one of the following patterns: @state(), @mode(), @component(), @requirement(), @platform(), @allocation() and also contains a reference of an ArgumentElement, then the ArgumentElement will be added to the list of referenced System Model Elements.

For example: the ClaimText of a Goal contains the word @state(StateElement). The ArgumentElement StateElement will be added to the list of referenced States of the corresponding Goal.

Tasks implemented from issue 3170 ( 1.Rename: Add to Pattern Library 2.Rename: Disconnect from Pattern Library (appears twice)

3.Patterns do not appear in Model Elements view unless one is newly created --NOT FIXED

4.When adding a new pattern, make sure that all GSN nodes do not have references to system models, they do not entail annotations regarding change impact analysis and the away entities have no references to other nodes

5.Enabling typed claims: For example, user can add to a claim @component(). This can be later on instantiated by CTRL+SPACE with references to components in logical architecture. The newly referenced component will be added to the GSN contruct's list of referenced elements

6.Instantiation of optional relationships: When instantiating a pattern, the user may right-click on relationships annotated as optional and select the \textit{Delete relationship} button. If the target argument element of the respective relationship is not connected to any other part of the argumentation, then the respective element is deleted, together with the respective relationship. If the target argument element is a strategy or goal and it does not have any other parents, then, together with the relationship and its target argument element also all the children elements (i.e., subgoals, strategies, contextual elements) are deleted.

7.Instantiation of generalized relationships. First, implement them properly (as in the GSN standard: If the multiplicity annotation of a relationship is set to true, the user may right-click on the respective relationship and, if wanted, may multiply the argumentation targeted by this relationship, by pressing the \textit{Multiply} button. As the argumentation targeted by a relationship we consider the targeted argumentation element and all the other elements connected to it. When the button is pressed, a dialog opens where the user can select how many instances of the argumentation targeted by the relationship shall be created.

_8.Patterns information: No scroll bar, Make it more user friendly --NOT FIXED _

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